Listening to BB King has a young lad I was fascinated by his technique of vibrato, string bending and slow note expression. A few guitar players I new at the time didn't get it and did not hold a high degree of respect for him.They waffled on about guitarists who played a 100 notes a second which is known as (shredding).Sure shredding is great and really cool but its at the other end of the spectrum of what BB King was about. In this video you hear BB King using every expression in his licks which can only come from the heart.Sure his technique is not that challenging for us guitar players who've played for a number of years but its easy to copy rather than creating the licks, melody and technique your self. For me the video of this great blues king shows how to make a guitar weep and moan like a broken heart. So don't just listen to it hear it to ! This is Blues Music !

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