Fantastic teacher with a lot of patience, best guitar player I know
Jack (lanky) Lancaster, Stoke (CARNATION)

Great guitar lessons, very clear instructions and explaining. This is how I got my rock school grade 8. Brilliant guitar instructor who I would recommend to anyone
Jordan Pemberton

JLM Studio Burslem  

(Stepping Lane)

Brilliant teacher, patient when I struggle  and learnt me every thing I know
Damian lymer,Stoke On trent

Russ is a great guitar teacher, my practical guitar playing has progressed massively in the past year along with my knowledge of theory.
Steve Westerholm ,Stoke-on-Trent( I am Pariah)

Mr.Russell Lovatt is an excellent tutor, he is patient, enthusiastic and instils confidence in his pupils.
Jan Ramczykowski , Tunstall

I enjoyed my lessons very much and looked forward to everyone as I would be playing stuff that I listened to which meant it spurred me on to learn more stuff developing my skills excellently. Russ would know when to take me to the next stage and would always set me a challenge that I would eventually get to. Great teacher." Thomas Eaton, Kidsgrove

Nicole has been having guitar lessons for a couple of years now with Russ and has come on amazingly !...highly recommended.
Sharon White ,Burslem

Great place for guitar lessons genuine teacher I have an 11 year old son who's been with Russ for just over a year now and will be doing his grades in July he has brought him on leaps and bounds.
clint Lymer,Norton


When I wanted to learn playing guitar I turned to Russ by recommendation. The lessons were well structured and built around what I wanted from the lessons and we went from there. I was motivated to do the practice in between lessons and could see my progress. I would highly recommend Russ as a teacher, instructor or mentor. Very relaxed style and easy to relate to and understand
Barry Ashley,S.O.T


Russ has been teaching my daughter guitar since march 2016. I am extremely proud on how fast she has progressed with Russ. Nothing is ever too much for Russ he explains everything. My daughter has dyslexia so for her to learn should a fantastic skill so quickly tells you a lot about the teacher. I highly recommend Russ. He is a fantastic teacher. My daughter is learning grading via Russ such an achievement and something to feel so proud about. Thank you Russ! It's very much appreciated!

Laura  Roberts, Tunstall

Russ is my fourth guitar tutor and I have to say the best, his years of experience and relaxed atmosphere all adds to an hour of enjoyment. I have electric guitar lessons with him and come away with another chapter of guitar knowledge each time, he covers everything from guitar set up, effects, licks, different styles, music theory, how to get the best sound out of your guitar and many other skills required to play music. For me the fact that I feel relaxed not intimidated during the lesson is a massive advantage, you can't play correctly if your nervous and tense, would highly recommend.

Paul Holford, Congleton

Friendly and down to earth, and most importantly, able to play and teach all styles of playing. I was already able to play a little, and with Russ' tuition made really rapid progress - impressive results. Totes recommended!

Liam Cairns, Newcastle Under Lyme

Russ is a top bloke. He has real patience and displays a genuine interest in helping me progress. I've been attending lessons for acoustic guitar with Russ for a couple of months now. I am progressing at a rate I didn't expect. There have been a number of times I've found Russ's experience and insight so, so useful. I'll be sticking this out for the long term in full knowledge and confident that I have found a great local tutor and a person I enjoy spending time with learning something so rewarding. Carl Bennet

I have tried to teach myself to play for a few years but got knowhere, I have had lessons from Russ for three months I am now seeing results and enjoying practicing. 

Robert Thursfield, Hartshill

Hi, anyone wanting to learn or improve their guitar need not look any further than Russ. He is knowledgeable, patient, friendly and most importantly a excellent guitar tutor. Always willing to go that extra mile to help. Highly recommended. Steve

Can't recommend Russ enough, after just one month my playing has dramatically improved. Definitely the go to guy if you need a boost in your skills. Ian Belgian, Tunstall

I have had several guitar lessons with Russ over the past few months and definitely intend to continue. The experience I receive with Touch Strings, I find, is one that has been tailored to my own requirements, based on my limited experience and capabilities. Russ has a warm and welcoming nature about him, combined with a wealth of knowledge and experience which he has not doubt gained over the years. Every lesson I've had has been given in his own professional yet relaxed manner which is a credit to him. Folks.... Russ is the "go to" guy in Stoke on Trent for guitar tuition. Best I've experienced.

Chris Lockett